Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nany and us! by 3rd B pupils

Resultado de imagen de gatita blanca y negra
´The story is about a black and white cat called Nany. Her fur is soft and her eyes are green. She lives with a girl. Nany is lovely and she is also very clever.

She loves eating fish, her favourite fish is sardine.

Nany always comes when the girl calls her name. She loves playing with a wooden ball and sleeping.

The girl walks with Nany at weekends. The people in the  town like Nany. We like her too!.`

Lunita and us! by 3 A pupils

Resultado de imagen de conejita animal

´The story is about a white rabbit called Lunita. Her fur is soft and her eyes are brown. She´s got whiskers, long ears, small tail and sharp teeth.  She lives with a boy. Lunita is kind, but she is also very happy.

She loves eating carrots and grass.

Lunita always comes when the boy calls her name. The boy opens the small gate and Lunita runs into the field. She runs and jumps.

The boy takes Lunita in a basket on Sundays. The people in the village like Lunita.  We like her too!.`

Platero and me! by Juan Ramón Jiménez- Level 3

´The story is about a grey donkey called Platero. His fur is soft and his eyes are black. He lives with a man. Platero is gentle, but he is also very strong.

He loves eating oranges, grapes and purple figs with honey.

Platero always comes when the man calls his name. The man opens the gate and Platero runs into the field. He loves the pink, blue and yellow flowers.

The man rides Platero on Sundays. The people in the village like Platero. I like him too!.`